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Lube 101: The Basics You NEED to Know

Lube 101
April 1, 2022

Some information about Lube


We’re big fans of lube here at Intimate Touch! We believe it’s one of the most underrated sex tools – and we’re on a mission to get it into as many hands as possible.

Why? Because lube is a wonderful addition to the bedroom for pleasure enhancement, pain reduction and lots of extra slidey-glidey fun.

The problem is that many people don’t know where to start with lube! It’s never included in school sex-ed modules. And, if your only lube encounter to date has been via a cold speculum on the gynae’s table, you’re not alone. And nope, that’s not very sexy.

This blog is here to change all of that. Here are the basics that you NEED to know about lube!

What Is Lube?

Lubes, or personal lubricants if you want to use their fancy name, are liquid products of various consistencies designed to reduce friction during sexual play. There are lots of different kinds, suitable for many different play activities – and we’ll dive into those below.

Why Would I Need To Use Lube?


Why would I need to Use Lube

Lube adds to the pleasurable fun. Studies show that adding lube can increase a woman’s chance of orgasm by 80%! And while surely that’s reason enough, there are lots more reasons to grab yourself a bottle!

  • Lube can reduce friction during foreplay and masturbation – making the clitoris, penis or anus extra happy.
  • Penetration can be massively enhanced by the heightened sensation that lube creates.
  • Anal sex is farrrrr more comfortable when lube is added – as the anus doesn’t self-lubricate. Butt play with no lube is like a waterslide without water – ouch!
  • Painful sex caused by irritated skin can be alleviated with the added moisture of some kinds of lubes.
  • Lube can even prevent condoms from tearing during intercourse (but make sure the lube is condom compatible).

Does Needing Lube Mean There’s Something Wrong With Me?


Okay, it’s time to debunk the two biggest lube myths:

  1. A woman should naturally produce enough lubricant if she is aroused – FALSE!
  2. If a woman doesn’t naturally produce enough lubricant it means her partner is inadequate – FALSE!

You can see that these myths are harmful and cause both parties to feel shame. The truth is natural vaginal lubrication is not an efficient measure of sexual arousal. It is impacted by:

  • Hormone fluctuations – due to menstrual cycles, perimenopause, menopause
  • Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding
  • Stress
  • Medication – including contraception
  • And more!

So – to answer this common question. Needing to use lube does not mean that anything is wrong with you!

What Are The Different Types Of Lubes Available?


Different Types of Lube

Hopefully, by now, you’re feeling excited to shop around for the right lube for your needs. So let’s take a look at the different varieties on offer to get you started. You might be surprised at how much choice is out there!

The main types of lube on offer are water-based lubes, silicone-based lubes, oil-based lubes and flavoured lubes. Let’s look at each in turn.

Water-based Lubes


Water-based lubes are super popular and versatile. They offer a natural glide that is silky rather than sticky. The consistency of water-based lubes is lightweight and runny. This kind of lube may need to be re-applied mid-play, as they tend to dry out.

Key points about water-based lubes:

  • May reduce pain associated with some sexual health conditions
  • Doesn’t stain bedding or clothes
  • Condom safe
  • Compatible with most sex toys
  • Less sticky
  • Easy to rinse off after play
  • Not ideal for use in the shower/hot tub as it washes away easily


Silicone-based Lubes


Silicone-based lubes provide a very long-lasting ultra-smooth glideyness. But it is not recommended for use with silicone sex toys as they can cause damage to the material.

Key points about silicone-based lubes:

  • Great for anal sex because of the long-lasting sticky glide
  • Safe to use with latex condoms
  • Suitable for use in the shower/hot tub
  • Can stain bedding and clothes
  • Needs to be washed with very hot water and soap
  • Lasts a long time – so you’ll hardly ever need to reapply
  • Not to be used with silicone toys


Oil-based Lubes


Oil-based lubes are thicker than water and silicone-based options, so they last a long time. But it’s really important to know that oil-based lubes can’t be used with latex condoms – as the oil can undermine their strength and break the latex down. This is also true for natural oil-based lubes such as coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil.

Key points about oil-based lubes:

  • Oil-based lubes last a very long time without needing to be reapplied.
  • It can be used for a sensual massage before moving to sexual play
  • There’s a chance it will stain bedding and clothes
  • Can be tricky to wash off the skin – hot water is required!
  • They may irritate the vagina


Flavoured Lubes


Flavoured lubes tend to be water-based, and can be a great fun addition to oral sex! But, it’s important to be vigilant about the ingredients when choosing a flavoured lube. If real sugar is included, steer clear, as this could cause a vaginal infection.

Key points about flavoured lubes:

  • It can add extra tasty fun to oral sex
  • It’s not recommended to use them for vaginal intercourse as they can trigger a yeast infection


How To Use Lube


How to use Lube

Now that you have some deeper knowledge about the lubes on offer, you might be wondering how to incorporate them into your playtime. The truth is, there’s no wrong way!

  • Clitoral stimulation: Add lube to the fingers and/or vulva
  • Hand-job: Add lube to the penile shaft and/or hand
  • Anal sex: Add lube to the anus and whatever is being used to penetrate
  • Vaginal intercourse: Add lube to the vaginal opening and whatever is being used to penetrate
  • Nipple/Breast massage: Add lube to the breast and hand


In a nutshell… add lube wherever you’d like to reduce friction and increase sensation and pleasure! Simple!


Where to Begin?


So there you have it! In this post, we’ve covered what lube is, why you’d need to use it, whether needing lube means there’s something wrong with you, the types of lube available and how to use it. Phew! That’s a lot of ground.

But having all of this knowledge to hand might not be enough to alleviate any shyness or confusion you might feel about using lube. So, let’s cover that now!

  • Let your partner know that you’ve read about the way that lube can enhance pleasure for both partners and that you’re curious to see what all the fuss is about
  • Treat your partner to a sensual massage, using lube as your medium as you naturally progress to the genital area.
  • Opt for lubes with a pump dispenser, so that you don’t have to fiddle with screw-tops in a moment of heated passion
  • And, while we’re on that subject, keep lube close to the bed so you don’t have to rummage around in the back of the drawer.

Lube doesn’t have to be awkward – and it can put a smile on both of your faces. Are you ready to give it a try? Let us know in the comments below!

Author : Lisa Welsh

About our guest writer: Lisa is a Pleasure Pixie and Sex Educator who loves helping people to unlock their full orgasmic nature.

You can find out more about Lisa at: https://inbedwithlisa.com/



Lisa Welsh

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